My obsession with strawberries

I am Danielle Kirin and welcome to D’s Sweet Berries!

Why did I start D's Sweet Berries?  Well, I will gladly tell you! I have two passions in life: baking and working with children with autism. I was on my way to getting my doctorate degree when I decided to take my passion for desserts to the next level! It started with chocolate covered strawberries, then cupcakes, then pies and much much more! Each dessert I design is custom made and all done by hand. Only the best ingredients are used for my creations and I take pride in delivering flawless work. Over the years I have been making, shaping and eating chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes and many other sweet treats.  Each time I would make a batch of desserts, I would try new things (bats, mummies, reindeer, you name it!) as well as incorporating family recipes with modern trends! I am constantly creating new ideas (such as stuffed strawberries with birthday cake, cookie dough and canolli cream!) and being on Cupcake Wars will push myself not only creatively but professionally. 

D’s Sweet Berries is much more than just a pretty (but so delicious!) face. The picture is much bigger for us!  The main goal is to raise funds to build a Family Center for families with children with disabilities.  This center will not only provide numerous activities for children to grow, learn and explore but it will provide an outlet for families to enjoy every day things (such as cooking lessons!) that are often taken for granted or difficult for them to do.  This center will also be provide countless resources as well as family therapy to ensure that every family's needs are met.  Every time you buy a sweet treat from us, you are helping us get one step closer to helping families and children with disabilities.

Danielle Kirin, Owner