Chocolate Covered Strawberries

All orders for chocolate covered strawberries can be custom designed to your liking!  I offer dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate as well as the following colors:

Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Lavender, Dark Purple, Black and White.  I also can add the following flavors to the chocolate: Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Mint, Pecan, Cinnamon and Almond.

Plain, Drizzle, Splatter (very artsy and colorful!), Half/Half and various sprinkles

The Specialty Berries: (can be changed upon request)

The Brownie Berry-White chocolate, homemade brownie bits, colored sprinkles and a chocolate drizzle

The Rocky-Road Berry-Dark chocolate, mixed nuts, chocolate chips and a marshmallow drizzle, a little messy but oh so good!

The Cannoli Berry-Dark chocolate, pistachios, chocolate chips, crumbled cookie bits and a mascarpone/cheesecake drizzle

The Banana Split Berry-Dark chocolate, peanuts, banana chips and a caramel drizzle…and last but not least, a cherry on top!

The “Infamous” Turtle Berry-Dark chocolate, toasted pecans and a caramel drizzle

The Blueberry Berry-White chocolate, fresh blueberries and crumbled coffee cake

The Cookie Berry-Dark chocolate, crumbled Oreos and chocolate chip cookies, just a touch of crushed M & Ms and a chocolate drizzle…Yum!

The Red Velvet Berry-White chocolate with fresh baked red velvet cake bits covered in a cheesecake sauce…my personal favorite!

Boston Crème Pie Berry-Dark Chocolate with a custard crème drizzle served in a pastry shell

Stuffed Strawberries-Fresh strawberries stuffed with cheesecake then dipped in chocolate!

Custom Berries-bats, mummies, ghosts, pumpkins, reindeer, 3D snowman, fish, brides and grooms, penguins, pigs, puppies, cats, tigers, footballs, baseballs, hearts, spiders, octopi, Easter eggs, bunnies, chicks, and many more! 

Have an idea? Just ask! I love doing custom orders.  It adds a personal touch to the desserts!